Bixmail is phone-based voice e-mailing. Pick up your phone, record a message and send it to any e-mail address.
E-mail anyone, anytime, quickly and easily.

   Fast Email on the go.

In less than one minute you can send an
e-mail vocally, by phone. The recipient of your e-mail message gets the e-mail immediately, and can reply to it or forward it as if it were a regular e-mail.

Efficient Cost wise and time wise.

Since bixmail is an e-mailing service, there are no long-distance fees when you call from within North America. You can send a voice-based e-mail from Toronto to Montreal, from New York to London, or from Chicago to Hong Kong

Flexible Safe mobility.

Need to maximize your travel time?
Take care of your daily e-mailing while on the road by using bixmail.
All you need is your mobile and your voice! Compose an e-mail safely, with your eyes and concentration on the road ahead. Bixmail will deliver the message to your chosen contact as an MP3.

Try it now for free !